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Ethical Practices & Sustainable Jewelry

All of my pieces are hand-crafted by myself out of my studio in Saint Paul. There are times when I have an apprentice or bench helper assisting with steps in production for shows. When this is the case pieces created are inspected by me to ensure that all work produced meets my quality standards. The materials I use are always of the highest quality available to me while maintaining my ethical standards of re-claimed and re-cycled materials whenever possible. Please note that some stones are by nature a somewhat fragile and all jewelry needs proper care. Please do not wear your pieces in the ocean, or in pools or hot tubs. remove when washing hands with harsh soaps or using lotions. Please refrain from using harsh chemicals on your pieces to clean them. I recommend  using extra fine steel wool (0000) or baking soda and tooth brush on most pieces I create. As a courtesy to my clients I offer FREE cleaning and patina services on pieces purchased or commissioned from me. (shipping not included).  I also offer a one year repair warranty on commissioned pieces for any damages that occur during normal wear. After one year repairs will be done at my repair hourly rate plus materials used.  

Precious Metals (Gold & Silver)

95% of the metal used is 100% recycled. Recycling precious metal side steps the ecological risk involved in mining new metal. Once metal is refined and recycled, it is indistinguishable from new metal. Unlike mining new metal, recycling and refining precious metals results in little to no waste. 

Sustainable Jewelry Definitions


Lab-created diamonds match the appearance, structure, and durability of naturally grown diamonds. Although they are man-made, they are real diamonds, unlike diamond simulants (imitations) like cubic zirconia (CZ) and Moissanite. Lab-grown stones are a sustainable option for the eco-conscious consumer. Upon request, we will create a piece with lab-created stones.


Rebels in countries such as Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Sierra Leone are known to sell “Blood” or “Conflict Diamonds” to fund their wars. The Kimberly Process Certification was developed to regulate the diamond trade to ensure that no conflict diamonds are sold in the legal diamond market. Unfortunately, while the resolution was well intended, it does not address human rights violations or the environmental impact of mining diamonds. With no tracking system in place, Kimberly conflict-free diamonds cannot always be traced to their mines of origin. Kimberly certified diamonds are therefore only a piece of the puzzle facing the jewelry industry.


Eco-friendly jewelers make every effort to ensure that each piece produced brings the least amount of harm to the environment and laborers involved in each step of the production process. Where possible, we support related organizations that actively promote environmental sustainability and worker well being. Eco-friendly jewelers also support industry transparency and seek sources with the same philosophy.

As we’ve noted, the jewelry industry is moving towards more sustainable and ethical practices, but universal industry standards have yet to be established. Therefore, each gem may have a slightly different story. Please see item listings for specific information on materials.


Although there currently isn’t a universally established industry definition for “ethically sourced,” most eco-friendly jewelers describe ethically sourced materials as gems and metals that are sourced and processed (mined, cut, polished, recycled, etc.) with consideration for their environmental and social impact. “Ethically-sourced” can also refer to practices that support local communities.


Practices are sustainable when resources used are renewed at the rate (or faster than the rate) at which they are depleted. More broadly defined, sustainability means considering how our actions impact the bigger picture and making choices with future generations in mind. 

Recycled Precious Metals

Recycled Precious Metals are pre-owned or reclaimed metals that have gone through a refining process, making them function and appear as good as newly mined metal. By choosing recycled precious metals, we side step the pollution and environmental degradation that accompanies the mining of new metal.  


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