Sugar skull Milagro Necklace with stone eyes

Sugar skull Milagro Necklace with stone eyes


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Fine silver pendant
Sterling 18 in silver chain
Your choice of semi-precious stone eyes

This Sugar Skull/ Calavera necklace is adorned with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise eyes. It is handcrafted in Sterling silver and comes on an 18in. Sterling silver chain. Choose your stone eyes from menu. A reminder to celebrate life and your loved ones everyday. Turquoise eyes for protection. *note* Color can vary in natural stones.

About Sugar Skull Series

I love the symbol of the sugar skull because of it’s duality and playfulness. My hope is that these pieces serve as a recuerdo (reminder) to never forget those we love who have left this world. To celebrate our loved ones and the lives they lived. And ultimately to remind ourselves to live our lives with passion and intent because someday someone will be remembering us and telling our story.

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