Bear Guardian Cuff

Bear Guardian Cuff


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Copper base
Sterling silver bear face
Tibetan turquoise
Patina’d finish
Adjustable fit (size M-L)

About the Guardian Series

This piece was created as part of a special series titled “The Guardians” in collaboration with my son Tlakuilkoatl / Mateo for the gallery show “We the people” at The Minnesota Museum of American Art. My son created a drawing of four ancient guardians from the four raices of the earth. Each one was made up of different elements from that individual race. In response to his created guardians I designed and created four feminine dualities in cuff bracelet forms. I too incorporated elements relative those specific raices and regions of the world from which they came into each piece. This one is a panda bear highlighting a beautiful piece of Tibitan turquoise. Adjustable but fits medium to large sized wrists best.

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